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About Us

Inacquis makes it easy for employers to attract and screen the next generation of talent with engaging activities and as a result, making ‘hire in one hour’ the new norm! We are moving the recruitment process forward to agility and engagement, emphasizing effective activity-based strategies that leverage gamification concepts, behavioral science, and AI technology.

Talent Co-Op

Inacquis helps companies curate a shared talent network through fun activities such as challenges, competitions, quizzes, and events, all of which is accessible through our platform and all of which rewards participation. We build the shared talent pool, all while focusing on Millennial/GenZ candidates and cutting down on the time and cost investment the recruitment process would otherwise demand.

21st century Candidate Experience

Our intuitive platform is designed to help employers engage, test and connect with the next generation of talent on their terms. By providing ongoing work trials, employers achieve their goals to find millennial talent by sending the right message based on professional growth and progress.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are dedicated to helping employers achieve unbiased hiring for diversity and inclusion by creating a “blind” selection process that based on merits, not demographics or credentials. At Inacquis, we believe every human has a gift and deserve the opportunity to demonstrate their potential, regardless of their demographic or life circumstances.

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Our Why

Inacquis strives to guide employers toward agile recruitment strategies, changing not only how they recruit by how they educate their prospective employees to do their work. We are passionate about showing organizations what they can do to set themselves up for long-term recruitment success and illustrating for people how they can live full and meaningful lives.

We make the recruitment process easier, cultivating environments in which organizations can show their best side and match up with the talent most suited to meet their needs. A holistic approach is necessary for solving the problems of an ever-changing recruitment landscape. Inacquis uses gamified tools, keeping recruiters up with the times and giving them an edge in the market.

Bringing old and new approaches to hiring, we are making recruitment into an enjoyable and two-way process, one that is not just based on resumes. This model emphasizes education and learning that will lead to the talent that is adaptable and motivated, and it cultivates strength without limits.

App Features

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  • AI-powered platform
  • 21-century Candidate Experience
  • Library of Real-World Job Tests
  • Valid Assessments
  • Shared Vetted Talent Pool
  • On-Demand/ Quick Access
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Pilot Program Fall 2019

Free recruitment marketing opportunity. You can engage, build relationships, and identify the best possible candidates for the internship or employment.

App Screens

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How It Works

It's a three simple steps

Create and publish Profile

Tell us about your company, what your goals, values, preferences, and people

Active Job Card

Make a video from the actual workspace, explain what this role about and introduce teammates. Check requirements for candidate.

Match the Best Talent

Immediatly see best matches for your organization and the job. Ask candidate acces to full profile and connect.